from pen to pixel

24 02 2018

I've never been very out in the open about my process, so I think it's about time I broke that pattern and give you a small peek in how I work.

For example the upcoming re-issue of the 'Project Terra' print. For starters it was heavily inspired by movies as 'Planet of the Apes' (The oldskool version ;)) Dutch raptracks by guys like Duvel (clip by yours truly, Hotelworldwide and Konacoast) and books like 'The Naked Ape' by Desmond Morris.

I have been sorting my sketches, something I do on a regular basis, and I came across the doodle that must have been the first lines of the final product.

Mostly it's nothing special, just a few scribbles giving a rough outline of the idea or just a drawn 'note', for later. I scan the sketch and blow it up 300-400% since I tend to make small scribbles. In this case it was large enough. I then load the image into Photoshop and start rearranging the lines and composition. Here's where I stack layers, add, delete, draw over etc.

I use various brushes (mostly Kyles) to get a feel of what direction I need to push it. The colorscheme usually starts to take shape here too. When I'm satisfied I switch the file to Illustrator where I start manually tracing and curving the lines and fills.

After that I like to switch back to Photoshop to 'roughen' things up, add extra 'worn' layers and some 'effects' since the Illustrator output is too clean for my taste.

And here we go. After playing around with type, lighting, depth and tidbits we can imagine a badge from an Extra Terrestial Ape Invasion squad.