Website restyled and back online

22 02 2018

Hi there!

Changing providers at the end of 2017 wasn't as smooth as expected. And in the midst of the process of moving digitally, I decided to cluster my 'shops' hosted at remote websites, at my own domain. A recode and additions needed to be made to my old website. Then in the middle of setting things up and moving files and data about, disaster struck and my database got corrupted. Fortunately I had made backups but for some reason the new provider's MySQL wasn't quite fond of the tables I had extracted.

After a night of sweating and cursing *xqz me* I decided to bring the whole thing down and go for a temp solution. I reinstalled the CMS and started building from scratch. It took some time because all my other assignments just kept on going in the weeks to come. But eventually here we are. A brand new website with shop and (b)log, or news, depends on how you look at it.

The whole thing is made in the Dutch originated CMS, lightweight and pretty sophisticated if you ask me. Exactly what I needed. Very good and personal support from the developers and user community. Next couple of weeks I will iron out the faults and bugs that will likely pop up.

I will be adding more projects and shop items in the time to come. For now, enjoy as it is!